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Fryeburg Fair

We traveled in style to the Fryeburg Fair for the first time in Mammy and Bampy’s RV!  The ride was filled with fun scavenger hunt games which Mia prepared for everyone and card games.  When we arrived, we found our RV site (#1053) after circling the campsite at least 3 times!  Once parked with water and electric hook-ups, we played a few games and had some snacks.  Then, we headed over to the fair to see all the animals.  We got some french fries and maple cotton candy too!  Caught an oxen-pulling competition and looked at all the wood-working tools and equipment before heading back to the RV for supper.

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Mammy cooked hot dogs and pasta salad for dinner and then we headed back to the fair to see the rock concert.  We also scoped out a cool silk-screen T-shirt souvenir spot and the kids picked out some shirts to remember the Fryeburg Fair!  Then, it was time to pull out the beds and get ready for sleep in the RV!

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The next morning we woke up and had donuts and muffins for breakfast before heading back to the fair.  We spent about an hour looking at hot tubs, tractors, ATV’s, campers, etc. before the half price ticket bracelets went on sale.  The kids rode some rides and then we took a break for lunch.  Caden really wanted the rootbeer refillable mug and Mia wanted a caramel apple, so off we went to find those things through the thick crowds of people!

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The worst part of the trip was how crowded it was, the kids were’nt able to utilize their bracelets as much as we’d have liked because the lines were so long.  The best part of the trip was getting our Old Time Photo taken in the photo booth!  It was a great trip – cross that off our bucket list!


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Monkey C Monkey Do

What a fun course for the kids (and some moms) to be challenged!  This ropes course had everything and was difficult to accomplish.  The kids climbed and climbed until most of them reached the third level at the top, zip lining down and entering the woods ropes course.  They loved it!  We ended the day with the swing and lots of screams!  We had a picnic lunch and stopped for ice cream on the way home.  A fun day to spend together before the school year begins!

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A O River!

We opened our hearts and shared our special campground with the family this year when we decided to book two cabins and go down the river in tubes.  The Oaks cabin and The Pines cabin were filled to the brim (we won’t talk about the cockroaches and ants that stayed with us)!  We arrived on Sunday and let the kids float down the river with the current.  We enjoyed sausages and hot dogs the first night, hot dogs and sausages on the second night, and of course, s’mores over the campfire.  Tunes and conversation filled up the late night hours while the kids slept soundly in their beds.

20180814_090028 20180812_154011 20180812_143835 20180812_143530 20180812_143128 20180812_134609 20180812_134603 20180812_134401 20180812_154753

The next morning we were busy packing lunches and blowing up 15  tubes to float down the river.  What could go wrong?  The 11:00 departure from camp was a bit chaotic, but we were on our way!  “A O River” was the quote of the day as we made our way down the Kennebec floating with the current.  We stopped at “sand hill drop-off,” “the rope swing,” “sandwich island,” and last but not least, “the pile-ons” for jumping.  The kids and adults loved the whole experience and we didn’t lose any tubes!  And, oh yeah, we even stayed on schedule completing the trip in 5 hours!

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Island Days

The big reveal of the new addition was enjoyed during Friendship Days weekend.  Mom and Dad have worked hard to finish the cottage so we each have our own bedrooms.  The kids loved their new bunk beds and the parents loved not having to set up tents!  We took a leisurely boat ride and got all 20 of us on Happy Hours!  A cookout and s’mores finished out the night.  We all missed the fireworks this year, but enjoyed listening to music around the campfire!

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When Jessica and her kids came to visit, we were blessed with a perfect day for swimming and a boat ride to the Dip Net Restaurant.  We enjoyed drinks on the ride and a fantastic seafood dinner.  The kids enjoyed being on the ocean and learning how to navigate.  Caden even got to drive the boat for the first time all by himself!  It was a memorable day.

20180806_134851 20180806_180533 20180806_181613

The next day, Jess and I headed to Popham Beach with the kids.  It was hot but felt good once we got settled on the beach with the cool breeze.  The kids loved catching the waves on their boogie boards, sculpting in the sand, and being buried.

20180807_161625 20180807_142035 20180807_142021

I love our Island Days!  Summer is going by way too fast!



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Stealing Second!

Number 15 hits again!  He played his longest season of baseball this year beginning with the Jr. High 8th grade team.  Daddy was the assistant coach this year, helping the team with practices and keeping great books at the games.  Caden was a solid player at shortstop, pitching, & hitting while stealing second base many times!  The team was large and Coach Portwine tried to play most players, so the team struggled to get wins.  Caden played very well and the regular season went quickly – before we knew it, he was on to the Babe Ruth team coached by Mike Gagnon.  Here he is posing for Mom’s silly pictures!

20180611_111446 20180611_110856

This Babe Ruth team was incredible with a 12-2 record!  What fun baseball to watch.  Caden had quite a fan group with Mammy and Bampy Fitz making almost every game and Bampy Carlson hooting and hollering in the stands.  Mammy and Auntie Amy came as often as they could to cheer him on.  And his Dad helped coach this team to success, never missing a game.  We were both so proud of how Caden played with such knowledge and confidence.  A joy to watch every game, especially when Big Daddy caught for him.   As Bampy said, “He looks like a baseball player.”

20180627_191345 20180626_194338 36377398_10155675749756305_756835806638768128_n

We were sad to see baseball coming to an end when Caden decided (with a little push from mom) to try-out for the All-Star team.  He wasn’t feeling well the day of try-outs, so I gave him Benadryl and said, “Let’s go!  Just try your best.”  He did very well and was called a few days later with an invitation to play on the Central Maine Babe Ruth team!  His third uniform of the year and he still managed to get #15.  Caden was hesitant to join a new team with new players and coaches, but he ended up loving the positive experience and he learned that the harder you play, the better you get!  He played a very solid second base for this team and made new friends along the way.

20180713_173114 20180715_180130 20180713_172317 20180707_154340 20180715_180000 20180715_180209

His team made it to the district tournament played in Rockland and won!  We went on to Topsham to play in the state tournament, but came up short.  It was such an amazing opportunity for Caden and his coaches told him he has a spot on the team next year!  Can’t wait until next year to “Play Ball!”  P.S. I’ll have my notebook ready!

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Home of the Brave

What a HOT day this year!  We had an unusually hot and humid July, so we spent nearly the entire 4th of July floating and swimming in the water.  Tubing and skiing around the lake with Uncle Seth in the captain’s seat was a hit.  A barbecue lunch using U.G.’s new smoker brought ribs which were gobbled up in no time.  The night ended with fishing, s’mores, and fireworks!

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Happy Fourth of July!

20180704_211641 20180704_210001

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Hershey Kisses

What a fun way to end our homeschooling journey.  The kids and I went on a road trip with the rest of the family to Hershey, Pennsylvania.  We made Mammy’s chocolate dream come true!  Sadly, we were incomplete with Daddy and Sissy not being able to take time off from work to join us.   It wasn’t quite the same without them.  We endured a very long ride (10 hours) in the car, but worth it when we arrived.  The kids had a blast the first night swimming, eating pizza, and setting up their beds.

20180527_163159 20180527_163020 20180527_162858

The next morning, the boys stayed home to swim while the girls headed on the Amish tour!  We rode on the tour bus to see the town of Lancaster and learned all about how the Amish people live.  We won’t forget the driver who slammed on his brakes every time he saw an Amish person.  It was neat to see how they live among the “English” but don’t use electricity and have very different beliefs.  You won’t see any pictures of the Amish people because we weren’t allowed to photograph them.  They believe taking photos of themselves breaks the second commandment “Thou shalt not worship any graven images.”

20180528_145343 20180528_143100 20180528_142421 20180528_141756 20180528_114744 20180528_143553

When we arrived back at the Air B&B, we decided to hit a local brewery for dinner!  Good beer and a great night out!


The second day of our trip was spent in Hershey Park where the kids opened the park and shut it down.  They didn’t want to stop riding!!  The highlights were the Trailblazer and Comet roller coasters and the Hershey kiss drop.  They ended the day on the “Claw” ride which was quite intense!  We will never forget how we had to eat every 90 minutes to take advantage of the meal plan that we purchased!

20180529_100203 20180529_095920 20180529_110226 20180529_110231 20180529_173336 20180529_184255 20180529_134701 20180529_173216 20180529_184817

The last day of vacation was the sweetest!  We went to Hershey Chocolate World where we got to go on a tour of how the Hershey company makes chocolate, see a 4-D show, participate in a taste test, and make our very own chocolate bar!  It was an amazing day filled with sweet memories!

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The last night at the house was fun, but sad knowing we had to leave the next day.  Uncle Glenn and Aunt Krista made their famous grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner.  The kids swam once again in the pool with Uncle Fred’s “Big Rescue” of Fenn falling in the pool was the excitement for the night.  And, oh yeah, the girls entertained us with their dance moves and hosted a talk show.  We packed up the next morning and drove home.  It was a fun vacation.  Mammy, check this one off your bucket list!




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Spring Flings and Easter Things

Spring was very cold this year!  It seemed to take so long before Maine decided to warm up.  However, egg production increased and the girls provided us with our Easter eggs this year!  We were ready for the third annual Easter decorating contest and the ideas were plentiful.  After Easter breakfast and service at church, we went to Mammy and Bampy’s house for the contest, a unique egg hunt, and a visit from the Easter bunny!

20180306_105516 20180306_105429 20180306_105352

20180401_144354 20180401_164924 20180401_164931 20180404_065146 20180404_065200 20180404_065218

Happy Easter!


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Box Out!

Basketball fills up the long winter months and tests our anxiety, but we love it!  Caden played on the 8th grade team this year, a large team with 15 players!  Even though it was only his second year of playing, his coach gave him a lot of playing time, and we would consider him top 5!  We’re so proud of how hard he’s worked to improve his game and overcome his fears.  His confidence is really starting to grow.  We are already looking forward to seeing him play on the high school court as a freshman next year!

DSC00809 DSC00804 DSC00789 DSC00802 DSC00806 20171227_174349-1


Mia, a.k.a. Thunder, continues to improve.  Daddy, Coach John, and Coach Sim did an excellent job of improving the team as a whole.  They have worked hard in practices and have shown such improvement since the beginning of the season.  We’ve had some close games and the girls have all worked hard to fight for their wins.  Mia’s strength is definitely playing aggressively and she is working hard on her dribbling skills and looking down the court to pass.  She’s become quite efficient at dribbling through players and driving to the hoop.  We are looking forward to many fun years of watching her play.  Now, on to the travel team and tournament time!  And, oh yeah, the “Mother’s vs. Daughter’s” game coming up soon!

20180127_182454 20171227_172533-1 20171227_172338-1


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Birthday Boy?

Caden is somewhat changing from a boy to a man, so I’m not sure if birthday boy still applies, but he’ll always be my baby boy.  He turned 14 years old this year!  To celebrate, he had some friends from his team come over to hang out and play NBA 2K in the basement.  They had some snacks, played some games, and then we had cake and ice cream.  He and Evan continue to celebrate by sharing their birthday together.  Caden also had Ben and Preston over that Friday night.  They went to the movies and then back here for a sleepover.  I wish I’d taken a picture of them, but forgot.  On his actual birthday, he had a basketball game, but we managed to sneak over to Sweet Frog as a family for an ice cream after the game.  Happy Birthday my “little man!”

20180115_150709 20180116_214556-1 20180115_150439