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Box Out!

Basketball fills up the long winter months and tests our anxiety, but we love it!  Caden played on the 8th grade team this year, a large team with 15 players!  Even though it was only his second year of playing, his coach gave him a lot of playing time, and we would consider him top 5!  We’re so proud of how hard he’s worked to improve his game and overcome his fears.  His confidence is really starting to grow.  We are already looking forward to seeing him play on the high school court as a freshman next year!

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Mia, a.k.a. Thunder, continues to improve.  Daddy, Coach John, and Coach Sim did an excellent job of improving the team as a whole.  They have worked hard in practices and have shown such improvement since the beginning of the season.  We’ve had some close games and the girls have all worked hard to fight for their wins.  Mia’s strength is definitely playing aggressively and she is working hard on her dribbling skills and looking down the court to pass.  She’s become quite efficient at dribbling through players and driving to the hoop.  We are looking forward to many fun years of watching her play.  Now, on to the travel team and tournament time!  And, oh yeah, the “Mother’s vs. Daughter’s” game coming up soon!

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