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Hershey Kisses

What a fun way to end our homeschooling journey.  The kids and I went on a road trip with the rest of the family to Hershey, Pennsylvania.  We made Mammy’s chocolate dream come true!  Sadly, we were incomplete with Daddy and Sissy not being able to take time off from work to join us.   It wasn’t quite the same without them.  We endured a very long ride (10 hours) in the car, but worth it when we arrived.  The kids had a blast the first night swimming, eating pizza, and setting up their beds.

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The next morning, the boys stayed home to swim while the girls headed on the Amish tour!  We rode on the tour bus to see the town of Lancaster and learned all about how the Amish people live.  We won’t forget the driver who slammed on his brakes every time he saw an Amish person.  It was neat to see how they live among the “English” but don’t use electricity and have very different beliefs.  You won’t see any pictures of the Amish people because we weren’t allowed to photograph them.  They believe taking photos of themselves breaks the second commandment “Thou shalt not worship any graven images.”

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When we arrived back at the Air B&B, we decided to hit a local brewery for dinner!  Good beer and a great night out!


The second day of our trip was spent in Hershey Park where the kids opened the park and shut it down.  They didn’t want to stop riding!!  The highlights were the Trailblazer and Comet roller coasters and the Hershey kiss drop.  They ended the day on the “Claw” ride which was quite intense!  We will never forget how we had to eat every 90 minutes to take advantage of the meal plan that we purchased!

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The last day of vacation was the sweetest!  We went to Hershey Chocolate World where we got to go on a tour of how the Hershey company makes chocolate, see a 4-D show, participate in a taste test, and make our very own chocolate bar!  It was an amazing day filled with sweet memories!

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The last night at the house was fun, but sad knowing we had to leave the next day.  Uncle Glenn and Aunt Krista made their famous grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner.  The kids swam once again in the pool with Uncle Fred’s “Big Rescue” of Fenn falling in the pool was the excitement for the night.  And, oh yeah, the girls entertained us with their dance moves and hosted a talk show.  We packed up the next morning and drove home.  It was a fun vacation.  Mammy, check this one off your bucket list!




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