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Fryeburg Fair

We traveled in style to the Fryeburg Fair for the first time in Mammy and Bampy’s RV!  The ride was filled with fun scavenger hunt games which Mia prepared for everyone and card games.  When we arrived, we found our RV site (#1053) after circling the campsite at least 3 times!  Once parked with water and electric hook-ups, we played a few games and had some snacks.  Then, we headed over to the fair to see all the animals.  We got some french fries and maple cotton candy too!  Caught an oxen-pulling competition and looked at all the wood-working tools and equipment before heading back to the RV for supper.

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Mammy cooked hot dogs and pasta salad for dinner and then we headed back to the fair to see the rock concert.  We also scoped out a cool silk-screen T-shirt souvenir spot and the kids picked out some shirts to remember the Fryeburg Fair!  Then, it was time to pull out the beds and get ready for sleep in the RV!

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The next morning we woke up and had donuts and muffins for breakfast before heading back to the fair.  We spent about an hour looking at hot tubs, tractors, ATV’s, campers, etc. before the half price ticket bracelets went on sale.  The kids rode some rides and then we took a break for lunch.  Caden really wanted the rootbeer refillable mug and Mia wanted a caramel apple, so off we went to find those things through the thick crowds of people!

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The worst part of the trip was how crowded it was, the kids were’nt able to utilize their bracelets as much as we’d have liked because the lines were so long.  The best part of the trip was getting our Old Time Photo taken in the photo booth!  It was a great trip – cross that off our bucket list!


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