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Valentine’s Day!

The kids tried to talk me into not having school because it was “Valentine’s Day.”  They’ll try anything to get out of school work!  So, I tried to make it a fun day for them.  We had heart shaped pancakes for breakfast and heart shaped sandwiches for lunch.

I also gave them Valentine’s day pencils to use for the day and we did some fun lessons.  In math, Caden and Mia had a “Jar of Hearts” filled with different sizes and colors for them to sort.  Then, they had to make a graph to show the results.  We also studied the human heart in anatomy and drew and labelled a human heart and how it works.

20130214_083620 20130214_083611

We also made “Valentine Snack Mix” – a yummy mixture of peanuts, pretzels, popcorn, and Chex cereal coated in white chocolate and sprinked with “love!”  However, the most fun of the day was making Valentine’s Day cards for those we love out of marbelized paper!  It was a messy, but really fun project mixing shaving cream and paint:)

20130214_135618 20130214_134850-001 20130214_134734

Needless to say, Mia was covered by the time we were finished, and it was easier to put her in the tub to clean up!  I guess the kids don’t think school is all that bad!


May 29, 2012 - Photos!    1 Comment

Summer’s Almost Here!

The past few weekends Mom and Daddy have been doing lots of yard work and it shows! The lawn and field are mowed, the landscaping is mulched, and the woods are being cleared! Here’s some pictures of Caden and Mia playing in the nice weather and Mom and Daddy working hard!




P1090166 P1090150 P1090169

P1090184 P1090175 


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Chicago After Dark – Recital 2012

This past weekend Mia and I had our dance recital and boy, was it a busy weekend! Before each show we got our hair and make-up done at Auntie Amy’s and then headed over to Messalonskee High School for each of the three shows.

I passed out gifts to all of the little girls that I assist and said hello and good luck to everyone before heading back stage to get my opener costume on and stretch out before the show started.

We were all nervous and excited to finally be there in our costumes with the lights and scenery all done, waiting for the curtains to open. After that initial nervousness, the shows flew by and I couldn’t wait to get back on stage for the rest of my numbers.

Mia did an awesome job in her tap and ballet routines and smiled the whole time. She knew all her steps and everyone loved watching her. I am so proud of my little sister and it was so fun to be able to assist her class and be a part of this with her. I also heard that she was quite a little ham backstage dancing to the music of the numbers before hers and telling the backstage crew how her sister had fake hair and that she had a “Lunchable” for dinner. Everyone loves Mia Mary!

It was a successful weekend and another amazing recital. It’s hard to believe that it’s all over and that everything happened so fast. We worked so hard all year and it definitely paid off this weekend. Next year’s recital will be here before we know it!

Here’s a bunch of pictures from before and during the show:


Hair and make-up!





Mama and her girls!


Some of my good friends in our lyrical costume backstage


Aunt Krista and I before each of our tap routines


And this would be Mia after taking out her braids from the night before!


Cousin Emmy!


Me and the three girls in their ballet costume


Mia, Malyn, and Emmy right before their tap routine


Sisters backstage


After finale


Miss Heather and I



This was the “show after the show!” The girls had a blast with some of the costume props and kept hitting different poses for a photo shoot!

A great weekend and I just want to say thank you again to everyone who came to support Mia and I and I’m already looking forward to next year!

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Recital 2012 Part I

This week we have been at the Messalonskee Performing Arts center almost every day for recital practices on stage. This weekend on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, Mia and I will be performing in Chicago After Dark with Stage Presence for Dancers. We’ve been working hard all year and can’t wait to show it off for all our family and friends!

Here’s some pictures from practice… more to come of the actual show along with some of Mia from her practice (they’re on another camera and I couldn’t get them yet!)



P1090003 - Copy

P1090006 - Copy

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Easter Party

Last Friday we had an Easter party for Caden and Mia and some of their friends. They got to have some snacks, listen to the Easter story, paint eggs, go on an egg hunt, and the Easter Bunny even stopped by for a visit!

P1080870 - Copy

Caden having a snack with his friends Ethan and Preston

P1080900 - Copy

Egg hunt!


Freddie got very excited when he saw the jelly beans inside!


Callum and Maira counting their eggs


The three girls…

P1080890 - Copy

The Easter Bunny!

P1080891 - Copy

For Mr. Hendsbee…

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Lucky Leprechaun 5K

Last Saturday, on St. Patrick’s Day, Mom ran her first 5K race, 3.1 miles, with our friends Jared and Emily from church! It was in Rockland at the Amalfi Restaurant right on the water. We had beautiful weather and made a whole day of it. While the three of them ran the race, Amanda, Callum, Maira, Caden, Mia, Daddy, and I took a walk by the water and made it back in time to watch them cross the finish line! After the race we stayed at the restaurant and had a nice lunch before heading down the the beach one last time before we went home.


Ready to go with her number and iPod!


I was ready for the race, too, with my flashy new sneakers and shades! ha!


Mia was very festive for St. Patty’s Day!



Mom, Jared, and Emily right before the race.


Here she comes! (That car was annoying… right when she was finishing, too!)


She did it! 27 minutes 17 seconds – she wanted to come in under 30 minutes and she crushed it! Whoo-hoo!


P1010813 P1010817 P1010804

P1010816 P1010810 P1020083



It was a fun day with fun friends… great job, guys!

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Disney World Vacation 2012

On March 3rd we left for the Portland airport at 6:00 am to travel to Disney World. We arrived in Florida around 10:00 pm, only about 6 hours later than planned, since our first flight was delayed and we missed our connection. When we got to the hotel the first thing we did was go down to the pool for a midnight dip! The pool was open 24 hours and it was a good way to get cleaned up before bed. Here’s our view from our hotel room balcony:


The next morning we woke up and got ready for a day at Epcot! We did some rides, and walked around all of the countries. So neat! This is a collage I made of pictures from day one at Epcot (click on it to make it bigger):Disney World 20122

On day two, we went to Magic Kingdom! We got to see Mickey and Minnie, Mia got to see the princesses, and we went on all sorts of fun rides – it’s a small world, Pirates of the Caribbean, Jungle Cruise, Magic Carpets (Mia’s favorite), and much more. Daddy and Siena even went on Splash Mountain and Space Mountain!

Disney World 20123

Day three – relax by the pool and Hollywood Studios for lunch reservations at the Brown Derby and a “Fantasmic” show later that night!

Disney World 20124-1

Day four – last full day at Disney World. Off to Animal Kingdom, which ended up being Mom and Dad’s favorite park.

Disney World 20125

And there you have it! Our trip to Disney World! It was a very exciting and exhausting week spent as a family, but one of the most fun times we’ve ever had!


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Some Recent Homeschool Projects

In Caden’s poetry unit, he read a book of winter poems. In the back of the book there was a section called “Things to Try” and one of them was making a snowman out of marshmallows. This was a fun project that we did, and Mia especially liked it since food was involved!

Here’s Caden’s – when Daddy judged them, he got “Best Shape”:


Mia’s got “Most Creative”:


And mine (Siena’s) got “Best Star Hat”! (As you can see, the artistic gene kind of passed over me!)


Caden and Mia also made marble maze boards at their Homeschool Group. They got to paint the board, hammer the nails, and make a maze out of rubber bands for the marble to travel through. They can also use rubber bands to make mathematical shapes, which is what they are doing here:



We’re keeping busy over here at the Fitzpatrick Academy!

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Our Trip To Uncle Steven’s Camp

Last weekend we packed up all of our snow clothes and ice fishing supplies and headed up to Uncle Steven’s camp in New Limerick. It’s about a three hour drive and we left pretty early, so we stopped and got breakfast from McDonald’s before we met Mammy and Bampy Fitz. Once we got up there and unloaded all our stuff (it’s amazing how much stuff we need for just one night!) we bundled up in our snow clothes and went down to the ice to do some ice fishing… well, the guys ice fished while the girls watched!

Here’s Daddy drilling the holes with his little helper…

And Mia was a big helper with the slush scooper…


When the kids got cold and bored we went into Uncle Steven’s ice shack to get warm by the heater he has in there. After hanging out there with Mum for a while Mammy Fitz showed up on the snowmobile and offered to take us for a ride!


And Daddy gave some rides, too…


When the kids got bored and the women got cold and went inside to play games, Daddy, Bampy Fitz, and Uncle Steven stayed on the ice and caught two pickerel and two perch. Here is a pic of them taken from the deck of the camp…


That night Aunt Stephanie and Uncle Tom, Aunt Joanie, Uncle Roy and Aunt Sharon, and Uncle Joey all came over to celebrate Bampy Fitz and Uncle Tom’s birthdays with cake and music!


The next morning after breakfast Aunt Stephanie and Uncle Tom came over with their snowmobile and pull behind sled to take Caden and Mia for a ride, and they loved it!



They also went sledding on the snowbanks…



And, they even got pulled back up by Uncle Roy!


It was a great weekend and we all had so much fun seeing everyone and getting to catch up! Thanks for having us, Uncle Steven!

And here is how we left… on the ice. Yes, we drove our van across the lake!


Feb 9, 2012 - Photos!    1 Comment

We Studied Primates This Week…

In science class the past couple of weeks we have been studying primates. While Mum was reading in the text book, Mia looked at the pictures of monkeys and apes and mysteriously disappeared downstairs. A few minutes later she came up looking like this…