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“Sweet 16″

Siena celebrated her 16th birthday on September 16th, 2012.  We wanted it to be extra special because we think she’s extra sweet!  We decided to invite her closest friends and family to the house.  Siena thought it would be fun to have a masquerade party theme and she chose the colors pink and black.  We set up tables in the front field where Siena had always wanted to throw a party.  The weather was beautiful!

We also displayed a photo album filled with pictures of Siena over the past 16 years and matted a giant picture of her with a signature mat so everyone could write a little message.  She was all about having a candy bar for the guests to enjoy!  Here’s what the party looked like all set up (notice Brad’s immaculate woodpile in the back!)

P1100472 P1100474 P1100477 P1100478

We had an outdoor barbeque complete with pasta salad, veggies, chips, and marinated chicken tenders with dipping sauces.  Brad and his assistant Jared did a fantastic job at the grill!  Everyone seemed to enjoy the food!

P1100496 P1040843

Here are some pictures of our guests.  Can you guess who everyone is with their masks on?  It’s a mystery!

P1100471 P1100483 P1100520 P1100485

Siena loves pictures and photography, so we made a photo booth filled with props.  This was, by far, the most popular place to be.  Some very memorable moments of the fun had in that photo booth!

P1040766 P1040780 P1040785 P1040793 P1040818 P1040842 P1040869 P1040887 P1040892

We then had cupcakes and watched Siena open her presents.  She opened a gift from Aunt Ginny which had me crying like a baby.  It was my grandmother’s engagement ring (very emotional).  She also FINALLY got her much desired cell phone!

P1100568 P1100581

Our little baby girl is growing up.  We’re so proud of the young woman she has become.


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Stacking Wood

It’s always wood time in the fall!  And, Caden and Mia are ready to work with Daddy helping to load it into the dump trailer and bring it into the garage to stack!  Each year, our “wood crew” brings in about 3 chord of wood and Brad neatly stacks it for the winter, with cobbed ends!  Here is the crew hard at work!

20120916_102950 20120916_103459 20120916_103703

Even though Brad is missing from the pictures, I can assure you he worked very hard this day getting ready for Siena’s “Sweet 16″ Party!  He’s the one with the camera:)

20120916_103438 20120916_103728

Looks like we’ll be toasty warm this winter!!

Aug 4, 2012 - News!    1 Comment

Summer Fun

Due to our blog being down since this past summer, I wanted to go back and share some of the fun times we enjoyed over the summer.  We watched little Freddie a lot because his Mama and Daddy were working hard to get their restaurant opened.  We loved having him and he had a lot of fun with the kids.  Here’s a collage of some sprinkler and “Slip ‘N Slide” fun and a fun day with Emmy and Bode making a homemade “car wash!”

P1100424 P1100004 P1100007 P1100027 P1100028 P1100035

We also had a great day at Popham Beach.  The kids loved the giant waves and thought it was fun to bury each other in the sand!

IMG_1971 IMG_1908 IMG_1844 IMG_1836 IMG_1865 IMG_1939

We then took a trip to Scarborough to visit my friend Dee Dee.  We went with Jessica and her kids.  A total of 8 kids in all!  They had a blast at the beach:)

P1090721 P1090710 P1090707 P1090722 P1090740 P1090752

Our big trip of the summer was a camping weekend at Bar Harbor with our friends, the Goldsmiths.  Here we are at the campsite getting the tents set up, chopping fire wood, and enjoying a campfire!

P1030685 P1030692 P1030695 P1030700 P1030707 P1030718

We definitely enjoyed the beauty of the ocean and the scenic moments!

P1030863 P1030768 P1030854 P1030656 P1030642 P1030637

P1030748 P1030674

We explored downtown Bar Harbor, which I think was Mia’s favorite part of the trip.  It could be because we went out to a seafood restaurant and later ordered a gigantic ice cream!

P1030811 P1030798

Even though it was super hot the first two days, it cooled off enough on our last day there to enjoy a hike on our way home.  The kids loved exploring and running up ahead (well, 4 out of 5 isn’t too bad, right Siena?)

P1030946 P1030783 P1030818 P1030823 P1030827 P1030927

A fun weekend!

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Mary, Mary Quite Contrary

“How does your garden grow?”

Very well this past summer, thank you!  When our children look back on their childhood and summer vacation, I hope they will always remember our garden.  It is my favorite past time during the summer.  I love to watch everything grow and pick fresh vegetables to eat for dinner.  Nothing is better than peas straight from the pod!  It’s Mia’s favorite!

P1070980 P1070975

Mia is definitely my best garden helper!  She’s always willing to help me pick, weed, squish horn worms, and just get down and dirty!  She also loves to look for caterpillars, worms, and other bugs:)  We had a huge crop of tomatoes this year, as well as carrots, green beans, green peppers, peas, zucchini, cucumbers, squash, pumpkins, lettuce, and, of course, flowers!  Take a look at all the garden helpers!

P1070961 P1100454 P1070964 P1100439 P1070978 P1100451 P1070965 P1070972 P1100459

We also canned 8 quarts of tomatoes, made numerous bouquets (Siena’s favorite part of the garden), and loads of pickles!

013 017

Apr 2, 2012 - News!    2 Comments

Bowling, Church, and Movies

This past Saturday was a fun-filled Daddy Day! Mom was really looking forward to having a well-deserved day off to work on the Disney World Scrapbook she had ordered, so Daddy took all four kids (yes, four.. Ethan came along, too!) to go bowling and to the movies.

We started the day by going in town to Wal-Mart to get pictures for Mom to scrapbook that she had ordered online, pizza and the makings for a salad for that night, and candy for the movies. After Wal-Mart we went to pick up Ethan and brought him back to our house to pick up Mia who was finishing up her sleepover with Emmy.

We went to the Augusta bowling alley (1-7-10 Bowling, or something like that) which has all little balls! The kids loved it and were all pretty good! We got a pizza for lunch and a big pitcher of Mountain Dew… because the kids needed a little more energy! ha! We didn’t take any pictures which was a bummer, but we all had a great time.

After bowling, we went to the Augusta movie theater to watch The Lorax. After dropping Caden and Ethan off back at Ethan’s house to play their new video game, Daddy and the girls went home to have dinner with Jared and Amanda who came to talk about a movie they had all recently watched.

The next morning, we went to church for Palm Sunday and Caden and Mia got to do one of their favorite Sunday School activities of the year – Resurrection Rolls! They wrap up a marshmallow (Jesus) that was covered in melted butter and cinnamon (oils and spices) in a crescent roll (the tomb).

They put them in the oven and when the marshmallow melts, Jesus disappears because he rose from the dead up to heaven! All this was happening while my Sunday school class was filling Easter Eggs (and our mouths) with candy for next Sunday’s egg hunt!

After church, Daddy and I went to Subway for a quick lunch before going to movies, for the second time in one weekend, to see The Hunger Games. We both read the book and loved it, so we were hoping the movie was as good… in our opinion, it was! We loved it! Definitely worth seeing, especially if you read the book.

I then had Advanced Tap at the studio and after that we came home to a Turkey Dinner! A fun-filled family weekend!

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