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Dec 26, 2017 - News!    No Comments

A White Christmas

Christmas, 2017, brought a very white Christmas with over 8 inches of snow on Christmas Day!  We enjoyed our casual morning of opening stockings, having coffee, and eating our traditional challah and monkey breads for breakfast.  Siena spent the night with us on Christmas Eve after the candlelight service and all three of them squished on the top step eagerly awaiting Mom and Dad to call them down!

20171225_081620 26102410_1437344043060879_1940745229_o 20171225_082615

All the gifts were a hit this year!  Top gifts include coveralls and a shovel for Daddy, a crockpot and Friendship sweatshirt for Siena, bike and phone for Caden, and a scooter and ipod for Mia!  Mom got a kick out of the chicken decor for her hutch!

20171225_102846 20171225_093314 20171225_104052 20171225_115547 26105204_1437344079727542_1078414254_o 26102410_1437344043060879_1940745229_o

We also had a lot of fun baking cookies over the Christmas season and presenting our first Nativity Play for Mammy and Bampy!  Mia also crafted and created her very own “Elf on a Shelf” because we wouldn’t buy her one!

20171225_080044 20171223_194136 20171215_075130 20171210_171056 20171210_170837 20171210_170823

Merry Christmas!


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Buck Envy

What an amazing adventure Brad had this fall taking up the sport of hunting.  Turkey season was quite successful, followed by several delicious grouse meals.  The deer season arrived and he was determined to get a deer!  Many hours were spent getting his gun ready, target practicing, and building the perfect place to set up in the woods.  Brad learned many valuable lessons and enjoyed most of the time he spent outdoors in nature waiting for the perfect shot.  He really wanted a buck and was getting frustrated at not having a shot at one.  Fortunately, Brad got a doe permit this year and on November 21st, he took what we have named the “sniper shot.”  Got her right behind the ear!

20171121_110729 20171121_114123

I was so proud of him for not quitting, even when things looked bleak and the determination paid off with a 110 pound doe.  Chris and I went into the woods to help him dress the deer and we hauled her out on a sled.  They took her to Tobey’s to get tagged and then back to our house to hang and skin her.  Brad wanted to learn every part of the butchering process and with Chris’s patience, time, and teaching, we were able to process the deer ourselves netting 35 pounds of meat!  Many hours were spent cutting meat, grinding meat, and freezing meat!  #trashydonuts

20171128_081100 20171128_111735 IMG951087 20171121_081805

20171122_130826 20171126_164209 20171128_115305

Mia and I decided to keep the fat and melt it down to make jar candles.  It was such an interesting process, but a bit on the smelly side!

20171130_160001 20171130_162000 20171201_061459

Nov 11, 2017 - News!    No Comments

A Slimy Slumber

Mia just celebrated her 11th birthday.  On her real birthday we had no power so the family went out to dinner and celebrated at The Proper Pig.  Mia got her bacon cheesecake and was very happy.  A week later she had a craft night sleepover with her friends!  We kept a fall/harvest theme since her birthday is right smack in the middle of fall!  Apple cider and Rice Krispy pumpkins, harvest trail mix, and of course, pizza!  She wanted a Snickers homemade ice cream cake and a slime bar!  Mom spent countless hours on the “paint night” aspect of the party and the scarecrow paintings were adorable.  The girls enjoyed this, but the painting didn’t “hold a candle” to Mia’s slime bar!  Making slime in all different colors and textures and then playing with the slime kept these party girls busy for hours!!  This was followed by dancing and a movie but not much sleep!

23192536_1388910407904243_1100743934_o 23224546_1388910391237578_369125272_o 23192223_1388910377904246_531201368_o

20171110_154933 20171110_191314 20171110_195249 20171110_210237 20171110_162959 20171110_163101

Happy Birthday Mia Mary!


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A Dark Halloween

This Halloween found us without power for a period of 5 days during a power outage worse than the ice storm of 1998!  Cooked delicious fresh eggs on the wood stove for breakfast!  Then went to MK Orthodontics to have Mia’s braces removed just in time for taffy candy!  Lack of power didn’t stop us from going out to trick-or-treat with friends!  It was nice to get out of the house and do something during the dark hours of the night.  Caden dressed up as a gorilla and Mia as a light up ghost!

20171101_081134 20171030_223643  20171031_103302

20171031_155710(0) 20171031_155752

We met up with the McCaslins and Roderique’s and went trick-or-treating around their neighborhood.  Then went to the famous Frankwood Drive haunted house and met up with Emmy who joined us for another loop around the block.  It was a great night with great friends!

22894497_10211788668885492_6451890166570520398_n 23032791_10211788670245526_200582094057865256_n 22885916_10211788670525533_897726636036137946_n

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Black and Gold

September 27, 1996 at 6:07 p.m., our precious firstborn came into this world.  Twenty-one years later, it was time to party!  The theme of the night was black and gold, stylish & timeless.  With mother, aunts, friend Lindsey, and even her Mammy, Siena went out in style to celebrate her twenty-first birthday!  Beginning at Auntie Amy’s house, we opened gifts and piled into the limo for a ride to Margaritas!


We enjoyed a fantastic champagne ride checking off items on Siena’s checklist throughout the night.  We did the vogue, got strangers to sing her “Happy Birthday,” took a photo with her being ID’d, and she even opened her first bottle of wine!  We made stops at The Proper Pig and The Last Unicorn trying different drinks along the way!

20170927_165415 22045642_1358420660953218_4299963592159548261_n 22045811_1358420664286551_5966426763188178912_n 22046149_1358420754286542_5458008119618558222_n 22046128_1358420850953199_8843067508316110221_n 22049902_1358420970953187_2749954300092189885_n 22007683_1358421024286515_1329267080278441548_n 22008021_1358421034286514_3387584978147961034_n 22050103_1358420674286550_1804011714065598550_n

We ended this night by singing to her and eating RumChatta cupcakes!  I’m also going to have a whole new set of worries as her mother, so behave yourself Siena and drink responsibly!!  I’ll come pick you up anytime and anywhere!  Happy Birthday!!


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Summer Seventeen

The summer of 2017 was a good one, filled with lots of beautiful weather and fun times!  We’re approaching Labor Day weekend and school is about to begin, so I wanted to post a few memorable moments from the summer.  We kicked off the summer with a trip to Santa’s Village.  We all wore red shirts for the family photo, but it sure came in handy keeping track of everybody!  The kids had a great time riding all the rides and we captured a great family photo for the Christmas card.

19601349_1283469591781659_1726242841107837696_n 19657443_1283469025115049_1611288471789528054_n 19702105_1283468535115098_1303961991413314414_n

19642545_1283468061781812_4085307548663114922_n 19665133_1283468101781808_7360449144302782390_n

IMG_5785 20953409_1329141643881120_4017784784802736393_n

We enjoyed many nights at camp this summer.  Caden really took to fishing this year and I think our favorite part of fishing was cooking up the white perch and having a fish fry!  The boys couldn’t fry the fish fast enough for this hungry family.  It was delicious!  Caden learned how to water ski this summer and Mom and Dad dusted off the old skis to show the kids that we “still had it!”  We also had the aches and fatigue after 5 minutes!  We also fished with Mammy and Bampy Fitz on the party boat.  Caden out fished Bampy, but was very humble about it:)  Many summer nights spent kayaking and swimming and cooking s’mores around the campfire!

19657131_1283470565114895_6572323094503376781_n IMG_6468 20170806_160951 20170801_154559 20264936_1302376133224338_3475830046471907643_n 19601380_1283470465114905_1217363952935693573_n

IMG_6331 20245652_1302375976557687_5357190961953199941_n

Jessica, Addie, and Wells drove to Maine for a week in July.  It was so good to reconnect with my old friend and for our children to get to know each other.  Mia and Addie were inseparable!  We enjoyed time at camp, walked down Main Street to visit the Maine Made Shop and have lunch at the Unicorn.  Had an adult night at the Proper Pig and went to the island for lobster.  We packed in a lot during that week!

20170808_203311 20170808_185207 20170807_153446 (1)

And, last but not least, we made it to the beach a few times this year!  Visited Owl’s Head twice and made our annual trip to Morse Mountain and Popham Beach.  Unfortunately, we didn’t get a spot to park this year, so we went to the state park and walked down the beach quite a distance for a nice spot.  We enjoyed playing in the sand, walking the beach, playing “horse shells” and building a fort out of driftwood!  It was a fun day spent as a family and I cherish these times even more now that Siena has moved out.

20994039_1329141257214492_3025830516352843457_n 20170726_141118 20170726_141136

20170726_123627 20170726_123343 20170821_145433 21151658_1333202746808343_7238205182453112300_n 21034211_1333203040141647_5443579927178708351_n 21077405_1333203006808317_5684500801502178227_n

Happy Summer!  Until next year!


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Friendship Days

Our annual Friendship Days sleepover on the island was a perfect weekend. Good weather, yummy food, fun games, happy kids, and partying adults makes for a great time!  We arrived Saturday afternoon and went for a boat ride to pick up the lobsters. Then home for a barbecue dinner, bean bag toss, Kubb game, and tree swinging!  We waited until around 9:00 and then went down to the dock to watch the amazing fireworks display!  They were beautiful!  Back for a camp fire with s’mores and sparklers for the kiddos!

IMG_7835 IMG_7277 IMG_7265 20170729_170008 20429821_1307992415996043_1005546538871979656_n IMG_7342 20374480_1307992579329360_8048954322977482445_n IMG_7331  20431693_10212424297753748_6607011856954682805_n

On Sunday we had a lazy day swimming with the kids on the Riviera beach and searching for sea glass.  The kids found hermit crabs and had fun making “hermit crab homes” on the rocks.  While we were sitting on the beach we all decided we’d rather eat lobster rolls than hot lobsters, so we headed back to the cottage to cook the lobsters, pick the meat, and mix with mayo!  After toasting hot dog rolls, shredding lettuce, and mixing the meat, we had a lobster roll feast!  It was delicious!  The kids swam some more, played more games, and then we packed up some exhausted kids (and parents) and headed home.

IMG_7763 IMG_7733 IMG_7465 IMG_7398 IMG_7778 IMG_7791 IMG_7798 IMG_7811 IMG_7314

What a great weekend!


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Hoop Camp

Our baby girl traveled to Casco for a 4-night, 5-day basketball camp this summer.  She went with her friend Abby to gain some basketball skills and drills to help her  improve as a player.  The McCaslin’s and Fitzpatrick’s dropped their girls off on Sunday.  We found each of their cabins and made up their beds for the week.  Mia was in the “Moose” cabin.  Then we went to the camp store and put some money on a credit for them to spend on snacks.  We said our goodbyes as the two of them held hands walking onto the court for evaluations.

20170716_131747 20216404_10211024545062874_1376789938_o 20170720_155829

We were able to visit on Tuesday night and watch Mia play in a game against Abby’s team!  When we arrived, she ran to us in tears and said she missed home.  Through tears, I was able to learn that she was having fun and had spent some of her camp store money on Dippin’ Dots (she was saving the rest for a Hoop Camp jersey).  We were quite impressed with her ball handling skills and were happy to see that she remembered her mouth guard for the game.  By the time we left, Mia was in good spirits again!  I hurried home to finish the final touches of her new room makeover which was done while she was away at camp.  We picked up a tired, sweaty, stinky girl on Thursday and brought her home to her new room.

20170721_094606 20170719_141424 20170720_184847

Later Mia told me how Abby was such a good friend to her throughout the week, making sure she was okay and giving her hugs.  Thank you Hoop Camp for a great week with a special friend!



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Batter Up!

What a season of baseball!  Caden played on the Winslow Junior High team and Mia played Cal Ripken Minors League with her Daddy as the coach! Here’s some photos of their regular season.

DSC00649 DSC00636 DSC00643 DSC00624 20170429_134908 20170603_153256

And some action shots of Mia and her team!  Mia played second base and did some pitching this year!  Great job Coach Brad!

18986411_10209371545991082_2125711184_o DSC00632 20170604_131435

Carroll’s Body Shop team went to Mini-Fenway for play-offs and finished out the season playing strong.  Mia then made the All-Star team as a girl, performing better than the top half of all the baseball players.  Way to go Mia!

20170615_161624-1 W10U-2966 W10U-3210 W10U-3213 IMG_3931 IMG_3942

Caden did some pitching and played third base this year during the regular season and did very well at the plate.

DSC00671 DSC00667 DSC00627 DSC_0037 DSC_0041 DSC_0043

He then went on to play Babe Ruth and did great playing second base!  He really enjoyed this team and they were amazing with a record of 8-1!  So proud of my ball players and their coach!

DSC00620 DSC00619

May 15, 2017 - News!    No Comments

College Graduate

And just like that, our oldest daughter is a college graduate!  I can’t believe it! Siena worked so hard over the past two years to attain an associate’s degree in early childhood education.  She graduated with high honors and a 3.93 GPA.  It was a beautiful sunny day at the Augusta Civic Center and we really enjoyed the commencement speech by Congressman Bruce Poliquin encouraging the graduates to be pro-active in going out into the world to pursue their dreams, to work hard for what they want, and not sit back and expect things to be given to them.  We took her out to lunch at the Unicorn to celebrate after her big day.

DSC00593 DSC00605 DSC00607 DSC00612 DSC00571 DSC00574