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Apr 28, 2017 - News!    No Comments

Spring “Clucking”

#rollmove will never be forgotten…Brad has taken up hunting with Chris and the two of them were out early one morning hunting for turkeys.  It started to rain, so they came inside to warm up and dry off.  As we were talking over a cup of coffee, Chris spotted a tom in the field.  The two of them got into full camo and set up….the tom was strutting his stuff before two females and was not going to come to Chris’ turkey calls, so the two of them decided to crawl low through the front yard to get a good shot.  The roll move took place before my very eyes.  Brad got into position and BOOM!  His first turkey!  And I got to watch it all from my living room window!  My only regret is not videotaping.  Maybe next year.

20170501_073804 20170501_075123 20170501_074826 20170501_075200 20170501_075239 20170505_112950

And what better way to start off spring then to get 8 baby chicks!  What a fun experience to raise them from babies.  We have learned so much as a family and have really been entertained by them as we’ve watched them grow.  Mia especially loves them and enjoys picking them up and feeding them meal worms.  Here they are when we first brought them home…

20170427_174030 20170427_173831 20170427_174009 20170427_174225 5B64F401-2BA9-44FC-B086-F2C5FB3E2E4F 20170511_092915

They quickly outgrew the tote brooder, so Daddy made them a bigger home from some cardboard boxes!  Then, Daddy and the kids built their coop and we moved them outside.  They love their new home!

20170520_174520 20170521_124754 20170605_132842 20170622_133136 20170520_174656 20170622_133152

Can’t wait for some fresh eggs girls!



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Easter was gorgeous this year!  Sunny and so warm!  Great for outdoor egg hunts and Easter egg contests!  We had so many more entries this year and some very creative eggs.  I wish I had taken more pictures of the egg-cellent creations! Here’s what I have of the family dressed in their Easter finest!

20170416_113559 20170416_113455 20170416_113041 20170416_113157 20170416_114109 20170417_050305

20170416_082449 20170416_082521(0)

Mar 15, 2017 - News!    No Comments

Shootin’ Hoops

A full season of basketball this year!  Caden decided to play ball this year and became hooked to the hoop!  Mia played regular season and travel team.  We had so much fun traveling with new friends all through the month of March and playing in tournaments.  Caden worked hard to learn the game and didn’t let fear stand in the way.  Mia, a.k.a. “Thunder” got pumped up with AC/DC’s Thunderstruck and certainly played with aggressiveness as many girls left the court in tears after being “thunderstruck” by Mia!  She even picked up one girl with the basketball!  Here’s some photos to capture the season!

16463535_10210307520462170_2420434768883640335_o (1) 20170225_144642 16402859_10210307515622049_5169452828769849050_o (1) DSC00563 16463185_10210307520662175_3351794329814571399_o (1) image2

Way to be aggressive Thunder and play hard C-Bass!!

20170131_141344 20170131_141143

Feb 4, 2017 - News!    No Comments

Caden Turns 13!

Caden and Evan decided to celebrate turning teenagers together with a joint party at the Community Center!  They invited lots of friends and played basketball, dodge ball, flag football, and relay races for 3 hours straight!

16105992_1575533822474289_5915916714889853743_n 20170116_154452 20170116_134450

The boys took a short break to fuel up on snacks and punch and then opened their gifts and had cake and ice cream!

20170116_142638 20170116_144037 20170116_141944

It was a great party!  Happy Birthday Caden!

Jan 2, 2017 - News!    No Comments

Merry and Bright

Christmas, 2016!  We shared a wonderful day together as a family, keeping with all our traditions.  Annual Christmas card photos at Colby college were a hit!  We baked Christmas cookies and made gingerbread houses.  And, of course, cut down another Charlie Brown Christmas tree! Mia sang “Oh Little Town of Bethlehem” with Emmy during the Christmas Eve candlelight service.  Christmas Eve was especially fun this year because the kids got to open two games that Daddy picked out when we got home from church, Simon and Bounce Off.  We had so much fun playing together until almost midnight when we left Santa some cookies and all went to bed.

20161212_171848 20161217_122111 20161217_123540 20161224_201949 20161210_154337 dsc00487

Christmas morning brought our traditional stocking stuffers, monkey bread, cinnamon rolls, and challah bread.  Yummy!  We opened many gifts and treasured our day together.

dsc00544 dsc00547 dsc00549 dsc00551 dsc00552 dsc00555

We went to Mammy and Bampy’s house Christmas night for some fun games and a yankee swap with the kids.  Enjoyed lobster stew and time together.  We all got sleds for camp, so we decided to go the next day and try them out!  What a perfect day on a frozen lake filled with 4-wheelers, hockey, and ice skating!

20161226_121721 20161226_130651 20161226_11555520161226_114743 20161226_144104 20161226_122002

Merry Merry Christmas!


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Winter Fun Meet

Mia competed with her Leaps ‘N Bounds Home Team at the Winter Fun Meet today.  She started off on vault and scored a 9.1, then moved on to bars and scored a 7.7.  The team warmed up and Mia performed her floor routine with a back handspring!  She scored an 8.9 on floor and finished off with a beam routine earning a 9.1!  She did such a great job!

dsc00522 dsc00525 dsc00524 dsc00520 dsc00519 dsc00537

She came in first place in her division!  Congratulations, Mia!


Nov 4, 2016 - News!    No Comments

Mia Takes the Gold

We just celebrated Mia turning double digits with an Olympic Birthday Party!  She invited her friends to compete in the games including bean bag toss, long jump, discuss throw, and hoop shots.

01-dsc00174 05-dsc00258

Everyone took a medal and all enjoyed posing in front of Siena’s amazing photo backdrop.  We tried to stay warm with some hot corn chowder and fun themed snacks while Mia opened gifts.  She got her much asked for ukulele and ALMOST got a teacup pig!  We then went inside for cake and ice cream.

10-dsc00293 11-dsc00191 04-dsc00251 03-dsc00226 02-dsc00179 06-dsc00285 07-dsc00337 08-dsc00340 1-dsc00318

Happy Birthday Mia Mary!  You sure do take the gold!


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Zombies & Unicorns

This Halloween brought some bittersweet changes for our family.  Siena had to work so she couldn’t go out trick-or-treating with us this year.  Caden decided he’d rather stay home with daddy, so it was just me and Mia Mary!  Boy, did Mia get into her costume this year.  She insisted on making her own zombie costume so I gave her $10 and let her shop at Goodwill.   She did her own makeup and even sewed her own trick-or-treat bag.  We stopped by the Unicorn for a quick bite to see Sissy and then met up with everyone at Uncle Seth’s house for some fun.  Happy Halloween!

20161031_165207 20161031_163015 20161031_162956 20161031_163010 20161031_175610 img_7445Side Note:  Caden regretted not going with us when Mia came home with candy, so he decided he would go next year.  Especially since Daddy never ordered pizza for him! Ha!

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“Falling” for Sports

Mia decided to try field hockey this year!  She did very well learning how to dribble the ball and how to move it down the field.  She even shot the ball into the goal to score a few points!  We loved watching her hustle up and down the field taking control and getting the job done.  Way to go Mia!  20161016_150858 20161016_150623 dsc01896

Caden played football at the junior high level this year.  He struggled at first playing against the 8th graders, but by the end of the season he was placed at starting safety and performed his famous “pick-six” move during the last game!  Great effort and determination C-Bass!

20161012_165821 20161012_165915 1-20161127_065110-001


Sep 18, 2016 - News!    No Comments

Beach Days

A beautiful summer with  sunny days made for some great beach time!  We only went a few times, however, because we spent most of our time at camp this year.  This is Owl’s Head beach in Rockland where the kids found lots of hermit crabs.  We love this beach because it’s small and great for kids.

img_9379 img_9406 img_9432 img_9470 img_9384 img_9324

I’m so glad we found the time to get to our favorite place to go as a family.  The hiking part seems to get a little better each year, especially when I take Mia’s mind off the walk while telling a story about a hermit crab the whole way!  We love Seawall Beach and the beauty it holds.  We especially enjoyed our made up game of “Sea Shell Horseshoes!”

img_2757 img_2765 img_3212 img_3130 img_3215 img_3119