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Aug 30, 2016 - News!    No Comments

Summer at Camp

My parents gave a Christmas gift,

Not a watch, or slippers, or a lamp.

A gift that keeps on giving

They gave us the gift of a camp!

 1-camp7 1-camp1 2-camp2 4-camp10 6-camp12 4-camp4

Swimming, fishing, campfires,

Summer evenings spent here.

Fairy houses, barbecues

And drinking lots of beer!

 6-camp6 3-camp3 9-camp15 8-camp14 7-camp13 2-camp8

Making s’mores, watching sunsets

Spending time together

Buying boats, movie nights

This gift goes on forever!

3-camp9 5-camp5 5-camp11



May 22, 2016 - News!    No Comments

Double Play

This spring Mia decided to join Caden and play baseball!  Daddy had a busy season toggling between both teams and rarely missed either of their games!  Mia played for Raider Redemption and Caden got to play with his friends on Zimba again!

20160603_171843 20160603_170859 20160603_171547 20160603_171357 - Copy 20160603_171937 20160603_171111

It was really fun to watch Mia play because she’d never played with the boys before and it didn’t stop her from being the only girl on her team!  She hung out in the dugout with them and cheered for them and ate her “Sizzlin’ Bacon” sunflower seeds, hence her baseball nickname, Sizzlin’ Bacon!  She learned how to play the game and definitely had the best stance when up to bat.  Great job Mia!

20160603_171647 20160603_171811

Caden made the All-Star team and proved to be vital as a pitcher.  He’s matured so much this year in his composure and confidence on the mound and led his team to a few wins by pitching well under pressure.  And, he kept his record all season by never once striking out!

20160603_171027 20160603_171228

Great job guys!  It was such a fun season of baseball!

20160603_172007 20160603_170838 20160518_183356 - Copy 13301433_10153789145566748_451130402337158930_o 20160603_171204 13497965_1235374409830547_5798699733108592308_o



May 5, 2016 - News!    No Comments

Rise Above

It was a special recital weekend!  With Frankie and Bode joining the show, we had more numbers with our family dancing and the cousins all got to share this special time together!


Siena and Mia lit up the stage with their performances!  We’re extremely proud of both our daughters for their hard work and  beautiful dancing.  Siena, once again, received roaring applause from her fans and did an awesome job choreographing several of the tap numbers which were crowd favorites…We have seen her extreme talent and creativity.  Mia got to perform in the hip hop number this year, and it was a treat to see her stomp around the stage in that routine!

05-DSC09489 07-DSC09494 09-DSC09470 10-DSC09439 11-DSC09405 12-DSC09387 13-DSC09339 1-DSC09323 09-DSC09524

It’s a very fun weekend, but also very exhausting!  Not sure what this next year will bring for our family with dance – our girls are growing up and moving on to new chapters on their journey of life.  They are talented and beautiful, on the inside and out, and will succeed in whatever they choose!

01-20160501_115443-001 1-DSC09529 02-20160501_101716 04-20160430_172904 01-20160501_113556 10-DSC09563 11-DSC09559 13-DSC09565 5-DSC09534

Great job girls!


Apr 8, 2016 - News!    No Comments

Easter Eggs to Dye For!

Another Easter has blessed us with the joy of Jesus.  We celebrated on Easter morning with a church breakfast, egg hunt, and Daddy’s favorite trumpet service.  Caden and Mia love the breakfast at church because they get to pile their plates with bacon!!

20160327_093014 20160327_121500

The Easter bunny didn’t disappoint and the kids came home from church to some full baskets stuffed with goodies!  We then enjoyed dinner at Mammy and Bampy’s house where we had an egg decorating contest.  This was a lot of fun and we plan to make it a new tradition.  Sadly, Freddie and Fenn were sick and Emmy and Bode were not here this year, so it definitely felt different.  We missed having all the kids together, but that didn’t stop the Easter bunny from hopping down the driveway and stopping in for a visit.  He even hopped all the way upstairs to visit Great Grampy!

20160327_121806 20160327_164024 20160327_065637 20160327_190543 received_881213015340654 received_881213072007315

He is Risen!


Feb 23, 2016 - News!    No Comments

Slam Dunk!

Mia decided to try playing basketball again this year, even though she was hesitant.  We were hopeful that playing some games on a real team might change her mind about this sport.  She signed up and got to know her teammates pretty quickly, since there were only six girls on the team!  They might have been small, but they were tough….and UNDEFEATED!

20151205_114354 20151205_110138 20151205_113432 20151205_114302 20160130_115407 12697201_1726290167605045_2622418383503363172_o 

Coach John did a fantastic job coaching the girls through dribbling , various plays and positions, shooting practice, and defensive drills.  Mia even got to play on the Winslow Junior High court where her Daddy and Mommy played many years ago!  She was nicknamed “the defender” because of her intensity when guarding her opponent.  We had so much fun watching Mia and her team play!  She can’t wait to play again next year:)  Proud of you Mia!

20160130_115323 20160130_115357 (2)


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Together Turning Twelve!

Caden just celebrated his 12th birthday party with his best friend Evan!  Since they share the same birthday and a lot of the same friends, they decided to have a joint party this year at All Pro Sports!  Of course, football was the theme and they played flag football the whole time!

20160118_133403 20160118_151220

Evan really wanted each of the boys to have t-shirts with their names on the back so they could form teams.  After finding a pretty good deal on t-shirts, washing, returning, and re-buying, we were able to iron on Daddy’s really cool print-outs.  The boys were pretty excited to have team shirts!

20160118_150405 20160118_144631 20160118_151549 20160118_133430 20160118_150333(0) 20160118_133957

After fourteen sweaty  boys were done playing, they ate cake and ice cream while the boys opened their gifts.  They also got creative with face paint to “get their game face on!” It was a fun party and a blessing as a mom and former preschool teacher to watch these two special little boys grow up together! Happy Birthday Caden!

20160118_151501 20160118_133505

Dec 27, 2015 - News!    No Comments

Christmas Celebrations

Another wonderful Christmas has left us all feeling so blessed and thankful to have one another.   Our kids don’t like to stray from tradition, so we keep living them to the fullest!  Tradition #1 – Cutting down a “Charlie Brown” tree and decorating it!  I asked Mia to “put on the tree skirt” this year!

22-20151204_205245 21-20151204_204313

Tradition #2 – Baking Christmas cookies and decorating them for Santa.  Tradition #3 – Christmas crafts!  Mia donated her Santa ornaments to the Winslow Public Library’s Craft Fair!


Tradition #4 – Annual Christmas card photo day!

06-DSC08670 05-DSC08771 07-DSC0868809-DSC0874308-DSC08706 1-DSC08828  

Tradition #5 – Christmas shopping and wrapping gifts!  We also number each present so the kids open them in order!  They love this!  Even Siena started numbering her gifts to us this year!

Tradition #6 – Homemade annual photo ornament for each of my babies and reading Ann Voskamp’s “The Greatest Gift” for the advent season finishing Day 25 in our bed on Christmas morning!

18-20151225_09080812-20151224_220117 10-20151223_132657 20151204_204447

Tradition #7- Christmas Eve candlelight service singing “Silent Night.”  Caden and Daddy even did a scripture reading this year in front of the congregation.

Tradition #8 – Coming home after church to open the first gift of Christmas (always some new pajamas) and playing games!

01-IMG_2217 11-20151224_200515 14-20151224_225143 13-20151224_222126

Tradition #9 – Christmas Morning!  The kids all get in bed to snuggle while Mom and Dad get everything ready downstairs!  They still fit on the top step to wait for us!

17-20151225_082822 16-20151224_235042

We always enjoy such a great Christmas!  It lasted all day this year because we stayed home and took our time.  We even began a new tradition (Tradition #10) of watching “The Nativity Story” movie to end our day – with eggnog!  Merry Christmas!


Nov 2, 2015 - News!    No Comments

A Bonfire Birthday

Mia turned nine years old this year!  We decided on an outdoor pumpkin themed birthday party complete with hot chili, hot apple cider, and a pumpkin cake!  The kids played sack races, a pumpkin prize throwing game, and Daddy gave them 4-wheeler hayrides, which was the most popular event of the evening (especially for Mia’s Mammys)!

20151101_165022 20151101_152638 20151101_152606 20151101_152728 20151101_172932 20151101_172136

Mia opened her gifts and we all sang “Happy Birthday!”  Everyone enjoyed the toasty warm bonfire for the rest of the night. Happy Birthday Mia!


Oct 30, 2015 - News!    No Comments

Jeepers Creepers

Halloween was quite different for us this year.  Caden decided he was too old to go trick-or-treating and I had to work at the restaurant.  However, the kids still enjoyed getting dressed up for the Bourget’s Halloween party.  They got to play outside, enjoy yummy snacks, have a donut eating contest, costume judging contest, and even walk through a haunted trail full of spooks and creeps!

20151030_172404 20151031_074115 20151030_194203

Mia worked so hard on making her own costume this year.  She decided from a picture in a magazine that she could sew her own.  After hours of fabric cutting and stitching, she came up with a candy witch!  Her costume was so popular, she won first prize in the costume contest!  Great job, Mia!


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Go! Team! Go!

20151004_131001 20151007_165832

Caden’s second year of football brought a completely different player than last year!  He played running back and corner back making some great plays and tackles and scored five touchdowns!  We couldn’t be prouder of how hard he played and how he worked through his fears and really gave it his all on the field!  He also had his sister cheering him on from the sidelines!  Mia wanted to try cheering and enjoyed learning many cheers and stunts with her team.  Her favorite cheer was, “Sack That Quarterback.”

20151025_141722 20151007_165618 20150912_084310 20150926_12204920150926_123743 20150926_140422

Caden and Mia got to be part of the high school homecoming game half-time show and also sold baked goods and played in a round robin at Colby College.  It was a very fun season!  I think it’s safe to say that we have one proud Daddy here!

20150926_145512 20151101_140131