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Flavors of Fall

An absolutely beautiful fall season was enjoyed by all this year!  We went apple picking on Siena’s birthday and followed tradition by baking the first apple crisp to celebrate 19 years with our wonderful daughter.  We always have so much fun picking apples together, but more fun taking pictures.  Apple picking has become a family photo shoot!

01-20150927_152915 02-20150927_154237 06-20150927_155729 05-20150927_154850 04-20150927_154716 03-20150927_154353

Happy Birthday Siena!

09-IMG_9949  1-20150927_181335

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Summer Love


Building sand sculptures, soaking in the sun.  Oceans, beaches, just having fun!

04-IMG_6691 05-IMG_6718 07-20150703_120417 15-20150705_134809 14-20150705_115622 09-20150803_121812 11-20150703_131623 06-IMG_6778 DSC08381

Surfing, swimming, handstands in the sand.  Hanging with friends and lemonade stands!  Go-cart rides and bonfire’s high.  Celebrating with family on the fourth of July!

08-20150526_160237 10-20150815_092046 12-20150704_190929 13-20150704_203013 20150704_190756 20150704_195505

Summer LOVE!  Where the sand is your seat and the waves kiss your feet!



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Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

Our spring has been all about baseball and we love it!  Caden played in the Cal Ripken majors division on the Zimba team.  He played short-stop, second base, and did some pitching!  Although his team struggled to win games, Caden still played well and had a lot of fun!

DSC07760 DSC07719

DSC07776 DSC07770 DSC07756 DSC07749 DSC07752 DSC07774

Caden made the All-Star team but they lost the first two games in the tournament.  It was pretty heart-breaking, but Caden made some cash for making two great catches in the outfield and two great hits!  It was a fun season!  We also had a great time at the Sea Dogs “kids at the park” day!  Caden got to play on the field with other Little League players, meet and get the autographs of some players, and hold the flag with his team!

DSC07816 DSC07794 DSC07832  DSC07789 DSC07823 DSC07786

We also had an All-Star team bonfire night at our house!  We played parents vs. kids wiffle ball, lit off the bonfire, toasted s’mores, and even had a fireworks display!  A very fun night!

20150627_203449 20150627_213418 DSC07957

This last picture is my favorite.  My little boy is growing up and I love watching him play the game of baseball.



May 12, 2015 - News!    No Comments

Legacy XV

Another year and another successful dance recital!  We had two stars on that stage leaving behind their legacy, which I pray is a good one focused on loving others and always acting as young ladies, well mannered and full of grace.  We were very proud of Siena and Mia and got such joy from watching them dance on the stage!  Here are just some of the many pictures taken over the weekend.

01-DSC07389 05-DSC07429 15-DSC07526 26-11057921_10152744538152007_5956125469063443485_o 32-Recital 2015 272 34-11255261_10100343931755091_6788954639667319373_n DSC07324 DSC07411 DSC07473

Mia’s favorite routine was the jazz number and boy did she bring the attitude!  I’ve never seen her eyes roll so much and she reminded us of a little Siena.  It was like deja vu – remembering Siena when she began dancing at the same age as Mia.  You could definitely tell they were sisters and we were happy to see them share such a special weekend together.  Siena’s favorite number was her tap piece.  Daddy and I were both very impressed by her talent in choreographing such a fun dance!

30-11174628_10204269911453407_3326721235960141689_o 06-DSC07435

Congratulations girls!  Job well done!  You are both beautiful on the outside, but more importantly, on the inside!


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Chocolate Bunnies

Easter is my favorite holiday because “Christ Has Risen” and also because of the visual reminders of what that new life brings.  Seeing the grass turning green, watching flowers bloom, hearing the birds chirp, and just the smell of the spring air makes me feel alive and happy after a long winter.  This year was difficult because there was still snow on the ground!  I normally host an annual Easter party for the kids and their friends, but couldn’t do it this year because we couldn’t be outside.  And, poor Daddy was sick on Easter morning.  The kids and I tried to focus on the joy of Easter, but it was a little different without Daddy cooking the eggs!

DSC06753 DSC06743

Here are the kids at Mammy and Bampy’s house eating Easter dinner, having an egg hunt in the snow, and yes….having a snowball fight!

20150405_171607 20150405_180903 20150405_18183420150405_18041320150406_065049 DSC06711

And here is my favorite picture of the day, the one Siena took from setting her phone camera on the hood of her car! Happy Easter!


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A Taste of Winter

Wow!  What a winter we had this year!  Record breaking snow storms and cold, cold, COLD!  We didn’t venture outside as much this winter, but stayed cozy and warm in front of the wood stove most days.  However, we did get out on the snow shoes a few times and used the snow boards with some friends.  Here are a few pictures of some winter fun.

20150219_152415 20150129_110345 20150218_141517 20150131_111526-001

Caden really mastered the snowboard this year and Siena?  Well……. she stayed on the board long enough to pose:)  Mia enjoyed digging out snow tunnels from the huge snowbanks Daddy made!  Mama and Daddy even snuck out one afternoon alone to do some snowshoeing while the kids stayed home and made snow ice cream!

20150131_130445 20150131_130320

We also got a trip to Steele Hill as our Christmas gift from Mammy and Bampy.  The kids had so much fun sledding and swimming together that weekend.  It was a nostalgic trip for me and my siblings, bringing back the memories we made as children in this same place.  It was a neat experience to go back and watch our children making the same memories we did!

20150129_113702 20150129_134754

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A Minecraft Mission

Caden turned eleven this weekend and I wondered if this mission of creating his ideal birthday party was possible.  He’s very particular about his themed birthdays!  We decided to rent the Fairfield Community Center so all his friends could play together and be as rough as they wanted.  What a great spot for a birthday, especially for 8 eleven year old boys!

01-DSC06645  04-DSC06650 05-DSC06655 06-DSC06657

They played the entire three hours they were there!  Football, basketball, dodge ball, Nerf guns, & frisbee!  They stopped to fuel up and open gifts.  Caden got some great Lego gifts and lots of gift cards!  They also enjoyed “mining” for gems at the candy table and drinking “creeper punch!”

02-DSC06646 03-DSC06648

They finished the night off with a homemade ice cream creeper cake!  I have yet to order a cake for Caden’s birthday.  He likes me to make homemade ones and I’m glad this one was a hit!

08-DSC06663 11-DSC06671

A great time with some great friends and family.  I’d say this was a “Mission Accomplished!”  Happy Birthday Caden!


Dec 26, 2014 - News!    1 Comment

A Very Merry Christmas

We celebrated a beautiful Christmas together as a family.  I bought Ann Voskamp’s The Greatest Gift and read the kids one devotion a day to keep our hearts and minds focused on Jesus, the reason for the season.  It was a beautiful story and we enjoyed it very much.  We also enjoyed many traditions, including cutting down a tree and decorating it to get in the Christmas spirit!

23-20141214_160859 22-20141214_155659

We also baked Christmas cookies, made challah bread, visited Santa and left him a note with cookies and carrots for the reindeer!

29-20141225_101954 28-20141224_231725 27-20141224_231616 25-20141209_184546 24-20141219_161642 21-DSC06644

Christmas Eve we ordered Chinese food and celebrated with Mammy and Bampy Fitz.  We then went to the candlelight service at church where Siena did a reading and Caden and Mia sang, Go Tell It On a Mountain.  My favorite part of Christmas is when we dim the lights and sing Silent Night.  It makes me feel the true spirit of Christmas and makes me realize how blessed I am to know and love Jesus!

31-20141224_210624 30-20141224_202536

Christmas morning brought much excitement in our house opening stockings and gifts!  Daddy and I teased the kids like we always do and realized they’re not going to all fit on the top step together much longer!

05-DSC06543 06-DSC06545

Lots of thoughtful and wonderful gifts this year, with the most exciting being Siena’s Full House complete series & new winter coat, Daddy’s Uncle Buck movie & Guinness pack, Caden’s XBox & Minecraft figures, and Mia’s tumbling mats & American Girl Doll.  Mama had a very special Christmas getting two pairs of the boots I wanted (my Christmas miracle #mostawesomehusband), a 3-hole punch and my Latte pillow!

07-DSC06556 09-DSC06569 10-DSC06577 12-DSC06585 14-DSC0659413-DSC06593 15-DSC06618 17-DSC06625 18-DSC06626 19-DSC06640 20-DSC06643 1-DSC06570

I’ll end this post with our Christmas card pictures which I think came out really cute!  I also used the kid’s pics to make their annual ornament!  It’s so fun to see them change and grow a little older each year.  My prayer is that they also grow in their faith more and more each year and keep Jesus in their hearts always.  Merry Christmas!

04-DSC06494 03-DSC06502 02-DSC06487



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A Gr”8″t Party!

We celebrated Mia’s 8th birthday party yesterday at the Best Western Swim & Fitness Center.  Mia wanted a swimming party and the kids didn’t stop swimming the entire time they were there!  She got a lot of great gifts including craft kits, jewelry, clothes, food, & her new doll which she named “Sal.”

20141109_170112 20141109_165359 20141109_160545

I was so proud of how gracious and polite Mia was during her party, letting Frankie blow out the last candle, letting all her friends help her open her gifts, and making sure to give love and say thank you to everyone.  She had a great time playing with her friends.  We went home and she immediately started using her new craft kits!

20141109_170104 20141109_163922

Happy 8th Birthday, Mia Mary!



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Falling For Sports!

I’m a proud Mama and going to do some bragging in this post!  I’m very proud of our children for committing to playing a fall sport.  Caden decided to give football a try, but was very nervous about it.  Daddy and I were so proud of how he joined a tackle football team and worked hard to learn positions, plays, and the proper way to tackle.  Having never played, it was a scary thing for him to jump in with no former experience, and at times he cried and didn’t want to continue.  However, he didn’t let his fear hold him back and ended up loving the team and having a great season!  He can’t wait to play next year!

20141026_154449 20141026_154323 20140928_142301 20140928_143904 20141011_180949 20141026_154204


Mia chose to play soccer this year, and she tore it up on the field!  She’s so fun to watch play a sport because she plays by instinct and doesn’t always think about the “proper” positions or taking the ball away from her own teammates!  She just wants to get the ball and put it in the goal!  She scored one goal this year and it just so happened to be at the game that Mammy and Bampy and Auntie Amy had come to watch.  What a cheering section and what a proud little girl.  She liked playing soccer, but she thinks she’d like to try football next year!

DSC06228 20141011_093953 20141011_093907 20140920_095744

And then there’s Siena!  She went away and competed in the “Dance America” Competition in Brockton, Massachusetts.  She entered her tap solo and choreographed another tap routine for the seniors called, “Hit the Road Jack.”  She ended up winning a trophy for the best “Young Choreographer Award!”  Here’s what was said about her performance:  ”Siena rocked her self-choreographed tap solo, “Say Something”. She earned first place points, first place in the senior solo tap category, and a Dancer of the Year nomination. Siena was also the winner of the “Young Choreographer’s Award” for the dance team’s hip hop/tap routine, “Hit the Road Jack”. The judges said, “We hope to see more of this young lady’s work,” and we agree!”  Congratulations, Siena!

10153096_604650496330242_4048469799187247920_n 10384619_795108340531148_4392597660419752001_n