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Nov 6, 2014 - News!    No Comments

Apples, Pumpkins, & Skeletons, OH MY!

What a beautiful autumn season we’ve had – warm days and cooler nights!  We went to Lemieux’s Orchard again this year for our annual apple picking to celebrate Siena’s 18th Birthday!

20141005_151437 20141005_151347 20141005_151253 20141005_145725

October brought the end of our growing garden, but we harvested at least 5 nice sized pumpkins for carving!  Siena wasn’t with us this year to carve, as her schedule is very full and it is getting harder for us to “carve” out time to spend together as a family.  She also was away at her Dance America Dance Competition on Halloween:(  We missed her, but were very proud of her awards and accomplishments!

20141010_122259 20141010_123706 20141010_124756 20141028_201543 20141031_164537 20141010_122113

We went trick-or-treating with the Bourget’s this year!  The kids had a great time in the condominium development and met up with lots of friends.  We also visited Uncle Seth and Aunt Angie’s haunted garage and ended the night at Mammy & Bampy Fitz’s!

20141031_164423 20141031_164411

20141031_164353 20141031_175834 20141031_182403 20141031_190120 20141031_190203 20141031_194738

Happy Fall!


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Siena Turns 18!

Siena turned 18 this year – hard to believe!  She wanted a beach party, but given our hectic schedules during September and the weather being unpredictable, we decided to have a “Jewelry Swap” party instead.  Her close friends and family (just the girls) met at the Unicorn and brought a piece of jewelry to swap.  Whoever answered the most questions correct about Siena, won the first pick of jewelry.  Jordan Jabar was the big winner, but everyone got a kick out of the game and went home with a new piece of jewelry.  It was a fun night!

20140928_202739 20140928_182725 20140928_182841 20140928_184211 20140928_185828 20140928_202406 20140928_202454 20140928_202535 20140928_202638

Next weekend, we celebrate her as a family and go apple picking!  Happy 18th Birthday Siena!


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Seawall Beach

For our anniversary, Brad and I found this neat mountain to “hike” called Morse Mountain.  It’s near Popham Beach in Phippsburg.  We had no idea what to expect, but the day that unfolded was absolutely perfect!  We hiked the trail which ended up being a road that winded through woods, marshy area, and up and down a hill (“mountain”) but it was a beautiful 2 mile walk.  As we neared the end, we could hear the sound of waves crashing and this trail literally turns from dirt and rocks to sand and opens up to a gorgeous beach!  The great part about it is that they only allow so many people in at a time, so it’s very private!  We spent hours there on our anniversary wiggling our toes in the sand and just relaxing.

That same weekend was Labor Day weekend, and we couldn’t wait to take the kids to this amazing place, so we packed our cooler and boogie boards and headed to Seawall Beach!  The kids weren’t too thrilled about walking the two miles to the beach, but they agreed that it was worth it!

05-DSC05976 06-DSC05990 10-DSC06048 02-DSC05881

01-DSC05856 15-DSC06144 14-DSC06108 13-DSC06071 12-DSC06063 11-DSC06059 16-DSC06151 03-DSC05957 04-DSC05961 07-DSC06007 08-DSC06036 09-DSC06045

Our new favorite beach!  What a way to end the summer – riding the waves, playing in the sand, and spending time together as a family!  Let’s try to forget the two mile walk home through mosquito land!  Next year, we’ll bring bug spray:)


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Windsor Fair

We made our annual trip to the Windsor Fair!  Always a unique and interesting experience.  Where do these people come from? The kids got right on the rides and rode for 4 straight hours!  Even Mia got to do the big rides this year because she reached the height requirement!  She also still wanted to do the kiddie rides and wanted her big brother to go with her.  It made our hearts sad to see that Caden has grown so much that he exceeded the maximum height!

20140828_181915 20140828_180655 20140828_180118 20140828_173204 20140828_172721 20140828_171918

We took a short break to eat dinner (#totalcheatnight!)  However, I won’t regret eating the much anticipated fried clams!  Siena and I pretty much conquered a Bloomin’ onion, Brad took on an Italian sausage, and the kids ate fried shrimp, cheeseburgers, doughboys, and cotton candy!  We took it easy for a bit after dinner and enjoyed the one ride Mama loves, the Ferris wheel.  Here’s a picture of Mia from the top overlooking the fair.  We also got a great view of the Demolition Derby:)


We finished the night off with a few more rides which are always just a little bit more exciting when it’s dark and everything is lit up!

20140828_195553 20140828_194356

Mama had cold fingers by the end of the night, but a warm heart seeing my family all enjoy each other and having fun together!  Until next year, Windsor Fair!




Aug 11, 2014 - News!    1 Comment

The Great Outdoors

A great weekend was enjoyed and old memories returned when we went to Evergreens Campground this weekend and rented Cabin #5 – The Pines.  We arrived on Friday and barely got our feet wet when storm clouds appeared and a thunderstorm rolled in.  We were glad to have a dry cabin and made the most of the night playing card games and teaching Caden how to play cribbage.  The next day, we packed a picnic lunch and took our canoe and kayak (pulling the tube) down the river!

DSC05556 DSC05523

We found a lot of great places to stop and enjoy the beauty of the river, including the “Climbing Cliff” and “Turtle Rock” where we swam and fished!  Siena tried to catch the minnows with the net (but none were caught) while Daddy and Caden fished for bigger fish in the water!  Daddy caught a few trout with a net assist from Mia, while Caden fished his heart out but only got a few nibbles.  There was also a lot of time spent lounging in the tube!

DSC05573 DSC05572 DSC05557 DSC05540 DSC05539 DSC05531 DSC05526 DSC05517 DSC05511 DSC05507 DSC05505 DSC05576

When we got back to the cabin, we grilled hamburgers and hot dogs on the campfire, and ate beans and cukes from our garden.  Then, it was time for s’mores, Mia’s favorite part of the trip.  We played 20 questions while enjoying our perfect s’mores and a beautiful full moon.

DSC05586 DSC05583 DSC05594

DSC05601 DSC05587

We were pretty tired from such an adventurous day, so we hit the beds early and rested up for our next day heading to Moxie Falls.  One of the tallest single drops in the state of Maine, Moxie Falls is a scenic waterfall a few miles southeast of the Kennebec.  What a beautiful sight to see and an even more fun place to swim and have lunch!

DSC05653 DSC05627 DSC05624 DSC05622 DSC05618 DSC05611

DSC05773 DSC05770 DSC05763 DSC05756 DSC05705 DSC05674

Family is like branches of a tree.  We may grow in different directions, but our roots remain as one.  This is a special place for us and we look forward to making many more memories!



Aug 7, 2014 - News!    1 Comment

A Sweet Taste of Summer

We have been busy this summer, taking advantage of the beautiful Maine weather.  These first pictures are of the “Sasha, Glenn, Seth, & Amy Birthday Party!”  We went to Friendship Days on Saturday to do the “Long Haul 5K, followed by a pancake breakfast and parade.  The fireworks and sunset that night were amazing!  The next day we celebrated out birthdays with an “appetizer cook-off” and lobsters.

DSC05483 DSC05467 DSC05459 DSC05447 DSC05442 DSC05437 DSC05428 DSC05399 DSC05394 20140726_195442 20140726_195336 20140726_153333

Bike rides and ice cream and bumble bees on flowers,

Mini golf and fireworks and swimming for hours,

Tenting with dad and the fun that it brings,

These are a few of our summer things!

20140729_112341 20140729_112200 20140729_110302 20140722_112421 20140717_194355 20140717_164444 DSC04979 20140803_175550 20140803_153909 20140803_151444 20140717_162501 20140717_162452 20140717_160824 20140717_155401 20140710_134225

20140711_195801 20140717_171717

We love summer!

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Sand in My Toes

And sand everywhere else!!  We just love Pemaquid Beach and have been there twice already this summer.  The fine white sand is great for building sand castles and the beach is small enough to not get overly crowded.  The kids usually play in the sand for awhile, do some swimming with their boogie boards, and look for hermit crabs.

DSC04901 DSC04896

On our first visit, we went later in the afternoon and stayed while the sun was setting.  It was absolutely beautiful, a perfect night.

DSC04891 DSC04890 DSC04885 DSC04877 DSC04866 DSC04854 DSC04842 DSC04825 DSC04787 DSC04773 DSC04771 DSC04766 DSC04762 DSC04737 DSC04743

The next time we went was during the day.  We met some friends there and it seemed the sand sculptures were the hit of the day!

DSC05039 DSC05029 DSC05027 DSC05025 DSC05019 DSC05005 DSC05000 DSC04999 DSC04996 DSC04988 DSC04986 DSC05013

Sand in our toes, sand in our hair, sand, sand, everywhere!


Jul 8, 2014 - News!    1 Comment

A Hot Hike

We ventured back to “Hobbit Trail” again this summer, but picked a very hot day!  We still had a great time and decided it would be fun to wear bathing suits next time so we could swim in the river and waterfall!  I made a hiking pack for us complete with a scavenger hunt checklist, magnifying glasses, binoculars, whistle, and trail mix!  The kids explored the woods and found a tree frog, birds, plants, and fish!  We even acted out the famous, “The Three Billy Goats Gruff” on Troll Bridge!

DSC04728 DSC04712 DSC04701 DSC04695 DSC04686 DSC04673 DSC04672 DSC04666 DSC04661 DSC04657 DSC04653 DSC04647 DSC04646 DSC04643 DSC04638

We used our hiking sticks to “hike” far into the woods to our favorite spot for a picnic lunch – the famous tree in the meadow!  The kids love this tree because they can climb up into its little nooks and eat their lunch up there!  It was a fun hike, but we were very hot when it was over!  We didn’t see any hobbits this year, but perhaps we’ll find them next year!

DSC04635 DSC04733

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Island Days

Our first trip to the island this year was at the end of June.  We decided we’d worked hard enough getting the garden planted, finishing yard work, and throwing Siena’s graduation party.  So we took a day off!!  The kids had fun swimming at “Riviera Beach” and we enjoyed watching them and soaking in some sun.

DSC04624 DSC04618 DSC04613 DSC04608 DSC04590 DSC04584 DSC04565 DSC04564 DSC04554 DSC04549 DSC04538 DSC04625

After a long swim, we went for a short boat ride and then back to the island for our first lobster dinner!  It was delicious!  We ended up playing a family game of baseball and stopping at “Humpy’s” on the way home.  Unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures of these:(  But summer is just beginning!



Jul 5, 2014 - News!    1 Comment

The Graduate

Our little girl has grown up and graduated this year.  What a unique experience for Siena, given she graduated twice!  Once with Winslow High School because her friends petititioned for her to march with the “Class of 2014″ and once at home where she received her real diploma.  Here are some pictures from the Winslow High graduation ceremony held at Colby College on June 4.

DSC04052 DSC04061

Siena definitely had the largest cheering section!  Here are the after pictures with all her friends and family who came to support her big accomplishment.

DSC04160 DSC04148 DSC04141 DSC04125 DSC04119 DSC04116 DSC04112 DSC04097 DSC04096

And here she is doing what she loves – posing for the cameras!

DSC04157 DSC04154


We threw Siena a graduation party in our field a few weeks later to celebrate her big accomplishment!  We held a ceremony in the basement where we read a poem to her and presented her with her diploma.  We then brought out a box of tissues and watched a slideshow of Siena through the years.  There wasn’t a dry eye!  We then enjoyed a barbeque, played games in the field, and shared special memories of Siena around the fire.  It was a great party!!

DSC04388 DSC04387 DSC04519DSC04504DSC04488DSC04464DSC04416DSC04408  DSC04304

And, my most favorite picture of Siena, showing just how much she’s grown up!  Congratulations, Siena!