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Jun 26, 2014 - News!    1 Comment

Prom Princess

Siena has always been a little princess to us, but this title couldn’t be more fitting for this special occasion. Prom.  Mama, Mammy, and Auntie Amy went shopping to pick out the perfect prom dress for our little princess.  We went to Deb in Augusta and she probably tried on 12 dresses!  None of them were special enough for our little princess, until Auntie Amy found one last dress.  It didn’t look like much on the hanger, but our princess knew this was the one as soon as we zipped it!  She was absolutely stunning!

DSC03876 DSC03877

She went with her friend, Brandon, and they had a great time!  The theme was “Under the Sea,” they went to Applebee’s for dinner,  and out to ice cream after.  Here are some of the prom pictures from the evening.  My favorite one being the yellow umbrella pose, Brandon’s sit on the log pose, and Siena’s classic arm on the hip pose!

DSC03833 DSC03909 DSC03852 DSC03901 DSC03887 DSC03897

Who needs a prom queen, when we have a “Prom Princess!”


Jun 26, 2014 - News!    1 Comment

Batter Up!

What a baseball season for Caden this year!  He didn’t even want to play because he struggled so much last year, but we talked him into trying out and he made the same team as his buddies, Evan, Chris, and Ethan!  .20140613_111906 DSC03543

It turns out that Caden became one of the lead pitchers for his Zimba team and Daddy helped coach him to some impressive strike-outs!  He even pitched one Shut-Out game and was awarded the game winning ball!

DSC03528 DSC03529 DSC03532DSC03536DSC03538 DSC03526

Caden had a lot of fun playing with his team and Coach Steve, Coach Loubier, and Coach Bourget.  He was then called one night and asked to play on the All-Star team for Winslow!  What a true transformation from last year!  We were so proud of Caden for playing his hardest and making the team.  He chose number 15 because this was Sissy’s number when she played!  Caden had some great at-bats and played short-stop, second base, and pitcher.  Many fans came to watch him, especially at the exciting All-Star tournament.

DSC04282 DSC04275 DSC04271 DSC04267 DSC04252 DSC04247

Even though Winslow lost the tournament, we were proud of our little All-Star with his sunglasses and determination.  We can’t wait for next year!


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He is Risen!

I love Easter!  It’s such a joyous celebration filled with the warmth of spring.  The kids and I held our annual Easter party again this year and had 20 kids come join in the fun!  They had snacks, painted eggs, and really loved the egg hunt!  And, best of all, the Easter bunny came by for another friendly visit – he never disappoints!

DSC02125 DSC02150 DSC02153 DSC02174 DSC02176 DSC02182 DSC02184 DSC02186 DSC02191


We had a great time!  That same weekend we dyed and painted Easter eggs together as a family.

DSC02237 DSC02234 DSC02230 DSC02227 DSC02226 DSC02222

We got dressed in our Easter best on Easter morning and went to church for breakfast, an egg hunt, and the trumpet filled church service!  Here we are taking “Mama’s Annual Easter Pics” before we head to church for bacon and sausage!

DSC02252 DSC02249 DSC02246

And, here are the kids gathering eggs in their decorated bags and then getting ready for church to begin!

DSC02280 DSC02277 DSC02261 DSC02312 DSC02259 DSC02290

After church, we went home, opened baskets from the Easter bunny, and then enjoyed the beautiful sunshine on the swing before heading to Mammy and Bampy’s house for Easter dinner.  Great job capturing the fun of the day, Siena!  An egg hunt, scooter races, and a family baseball game.  Looks like she also caught two “chocolate bandits” in the eggs before the egg hunt was over!

DSC02397 DSC02391 DSC02373 DSC02369 DSC02341 DSC02334

Happy Easter!


Mar 14, 2014 - News!    1 Comment

A Cold and Snowy Winter

It’s been a long winter, but we’ve made the most of it.  It started out with an ice storm a few days before Christmas.  We lost power for a few days, but were one of the lucky ones to get it back Christmas morning.  Here are some of Siena’s pictures capturing the aftermath and beauty of the storm.

DSC00662-001 DSC00572

We were excited to get outside and enjoy some sunshine.  We did some sledding in the field and Mia and I found a little ice pond buried under the snow to “skate” on.  Caden and Mia are getting older now, so sledding doesn’t have the same thrill.  They began using their sleds as “snowboards” to make it a little more fun.  I found them some real snowboards at Marden’s a week later!

DSC00617 DSC00668 DSC00754

DSC00587 DSC00590

We also did some snow shoeing and enjoyed a dog sled ride!  And, of course, riding with Daddy on the 4-wheeler never gets old!

20140219_134056 20140219_135518 P1140115-001

We were also the lucky bidders on a snow shack at the Dance Auction this year.  We haven’t been able to get it out on the ice yet, but Daddy and the kids had a great time with Matt using his ice shack!

20140222_112231(0) 20140222_113132 20140222_115519

20140222_131828 20140222_141938

We finally made it over the G.O. Tubing this year!!  We had a blast and got lucky that very few people were there, so the kids had the slopes almost to themselves.  They didn’t stop for 3 straight hours!

20140221_111316 20140221_101012 20140221_094053

And, finally, probably the most fun Caden and Mia had this winter was trying out their new snowboards on Dinosaur Hill!  (Siena’s decided to stick with sleds and photography!  Note:  the owl photograph was taken by Daddy in our backyard!)  It’s been a fun winter, but we’re all ready for spring!

DSC01348-001 DSC01350 DSC01358-001 DSC01608 20140217_123011_16-001 P1140371-001


Feb 17, 2014 - News!    No Comments

Be My Valentine

As is our tradition each year, I like to decorate the table for Valentine’s Day.  I tell the kids to put on their very best Valentine outfit and come downstairs for a special surprise. Messy Mia did her best to decorate too!

20140214_154456-001 20140214_081153-001

We started the day off with heart shaped pancakes and Valentine’s Day BINGO.  We also did a writing project called, “The Pieces of My Heart.”

20140214_081136-001 20140214_081148-001


The most fun of the day was our annual, “Hide the Hearts” game where I put a candy heart in little colored plastic hearts and hide them around the house for the kids to find.  Even though Siena always says she doesn’t want to play, we all know deep down she still loves this game.  We have so much fun watching her “find” the hearts (with the help of her brother and sister)!  I gave the kids some chocolate for dessert and I told them to wait until after lunch.  Here’s what Mia’s chocolate looked like by 10:00 am!

20140214_122523 1014386_815909558425461_1673074812_n

Happy Valentine’s Day!

1517684_815906905092393_91072282_n 1781973_815909345092149_1256532578_n

Feb 6, 2014 - News!    1 Comment

NUVO Dance Competition

What a fun weekend in Boston!  We traveled for the weekend to watch Siena perform in the NUVO dance competition.  We arrived Friday afternoon and checked out this amazing hotel.  We went to dinner and then walked the mall – literally, walked the mall and “window posed” because we couldn’t afford to walk in these stores!

DSC01088 DSC01083

We spent some time in the pool and then got the kids ready for bed (well, actually Siena got the kids ready for bed while Mom and Dad went to the lounge for our fun!)  The next day, Siena danced all day in the workshops and met Travis Wall and Stacey Tookey – we were pretty star struck!

DSC01211 DSC01164 DSC01146 DSC01163 DSC01267 DSC01255 DSC01214 DSC01178 DSC01173

That evening, she performed in the competition – Tom’s Diner (tap), Fly, Fly, Fly (lyrical), and Stomp (hip-hop).

1653797_658166164225367_1598752306_n 1660704_671437402898243_1811593053_n

1977264_671448606230456_2099289996_n DSC01209

Many awards were awarded in the “high silver” category.  It was a fun, but exhausting weekend!  Great job, Siena:)

DSC01183 DSC01286


Jan 16, 2014 - News!    No Comments

Caden’s 10th Skylanders Birthday

Caden likes his themed birthdays and this year was no exception!  He chose a Skylander’s Swap Force theme this year.  I quickly learned about this Wii game’s characters, portal of power, and mission challenges.   Here’s Caden having fun at the sleepover pizza party with his friends.  They had to complete various mission games to earn their “gold.”

P1140429 P1140420-001 P1140415-001 P1140405-001 P1140392 P1140431-001

He had a blast, but I was exhausted!!  Never again will I have a sleepover with six boys during the middle of winter – boys are just too rough!  The next day, we enjoyed a brunch with all of the family.

DSC01027-001 DSC00998 DSC00977-001 DSC00966 DSC00957 DSC00944

Caden is a tough client when it comes to baking his birthday cake.  He likes a homemade cake – this year I was able to put a smile on his face with a “Portal of Power” cake!  Happy Birthday Caden!


Dec 23, 2013 - News!    No Comments

Gingerbread Houses & Christmas Trees

After the Fitzpatrick Flood of 2013, we were very excited to have our basement finished just in time for Christmas.  We’ve come to appreciate our “family room” even more now that we’ve gone almost 4 months without it!  The kids were excited to finally cut down our annual “Charlie Brown” tree.  Here’s some pictures of that morning (note:  Caden did nearly all the work chopping, only to watch Mia come in for the final chop and steal the glory!)

20131221_084206 20131221_084341 20131221_083711 20131221_084552 20131221_084510 20131221_081924 20131221_08530320131221_084857 20131221_084754

After we made “pigs in a blanket,” Chex mix, cheese and crackers, and egg nog, we were ready to decorate our beautiful tree!

P1140022 P1140028 P1140051 P1140053 P1140060 P1140064

The next day, after we lost power, we thought it would be a good time to finish our gingerbread house.  This year, we made gingerbread from scratch, cut it out into pieces for a house, baked it, and constructed it!  No kit!  It actually was pretty easy and fun!  Look at the results!  Great job kids:)


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Christmas Cookies!

Our annual Christmas sugar cookie bake-off came with lots of messiness, but produced some yummy cookies.  The kids and I baked cookies recently for Santa (and some for us!)  Here are some pictures from that day.

20131210_112829 20131210_112810

20131210_134431 20131210_134322 20131210_134251

Their favorite part is the decorating.  They really decorated some beautiful cookies this year!

20131210_132936 20131210_134259

Let the Christmas season begin!

20131201_153004 20131201_152722


Nov 30, 2013 - News!    1 Comment

Tournaments & Competitions

This fall, Caden competed in his first Grappling Tournament and Siena competed in her first  Dance America competition.  Both were nervous at first, but ended up having a great time and doing very well.  Here they are before their competitions, one looking calm, cool and collected, while the other very nervous!

20131110_095206Siena Fitzpatrick

Here’s some pictures from Caden’s tournament.  Once his friend Sam arrived, he seemed to get into the tournament a little more.  He gave Daddy the big thumbs up!

.P1130111 P1130121 20131110_115959 P1130114 P1130129 20131110_132328

And, here are some pictures of Siena’s SP4D Dance Team photos.  Siena ended up auditioning for the Dance America Dance Team and she made it!  The only one from SP4D.  Caden ended up winning 1st place in his grappling tournament, going up against his good friend, Sam!

Full Team - Chalk Name-001 Small Group Tap - Tom's Diner-001

Some proud kids!

20131110_131910 1454860_613036248738359_1225398791_n